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School Counseling
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Lookout Valley Middle High School Guidance Department

Welcome to the Lookout Valley Middle High School Guidance Department!  Here we hope that you will find all of the information that you need in order to ensure that your student is successful both in school and beyond!  The following is a list of dates that are coming up for students:


10/31/17-Pre-Interview Materials are due.


               -Pre-Interview Questions


                -Employment Applications


                -Read Article #1 and #2


                -Complete Article Review Pre-Interview Assignment
11/6-11/17/17-Students will participate in Mentor Interview and 1st Job Shadow
3/26/17- TN Promise Meeting for Seniors at 1:00 p.m.

Mission Statement

Lookout Valley Middle and High School strives for academic excellence in a rigorous learning environment that prepares students to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

School and Community

 Lookout Valley MS/HS is one of twenty-one public high schools within the Hamilton County School System and also a Title I school.  Built in 1957, Lookout Valley MHS currently has an approximate enrollment of 358 students in grades 6 – 12.  The school is located within the city limits of Chattanooga, Tennessee and nestled between the foot of Lookout Mountain, Elder Mountain and the Tennessee River off Interstate Highway 24.  The community is primarily residential.  All students are on a College Prep - Single Path Curriculum to prepare them for post secondary options that include 4-year, 2-year, Technical Schools and Employment in Private Sector or Military


ENROLLMENT:  358    27 % minority;  69% eligible for F/R program

 PROFESSIONAL STAFF:  67% with Masters or beyond

 ACCREDITATION:  AdvancED (formerly Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

(most recent visit Fall 2014)


College Attendance

More than 90% of Lookout Valley graduates continue formal education.  In recent years the average 40% pursued a 4-year school, 40% pursued a 2-year school and 9% have pursued military service.


Most commonly applied to schools:

   Chattanooga State Community College

   University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

   University of Memphis.

   University of Tennessee, Knoxville

   East Tennessee State University


Students have recently transitioned to:  Austin Peay State University, Berea College, Carson Newman College, Lee University, Middle Tennessee State University, Sewanee: The University of the South, Tennessee Technological University, Tusculum College, University of Alabama -Tuscaloosa, AL


The average five year total of financial assistance awarded to graduating seniors is more than $1 million.


PHONE:  (423) 825-7352                                  

FAX: (423) 821-7951



Graduation Requirements:                                

                        English                                                    4

                        Mathematics (including Alg 2)                    4

                        Science (inclng Bio & 1 add Lab Sci)           4

                        Social Studies                                          3

                        Foreign Language                                     2

                        Fine Art                                                   1

                        Wellness                                                  1

                        Personal Finance/PE                            .5/.5

                        Focused Electives                                     3

                        Senior Project                                          1


College Credit Options

Dual Enrollment:  In cooperation with Chattanooga State Community College, Dual Enrollment classes have been offered on Lookout Valley’s campus for more than 18 years. 


Class Rank

According to Hamilton County School policy, the official GPA and class rank is computed on a 100 point numeric scale.

Weighted:  Per state policy, all Dual Enrollment Program (DEP) courses receive 4 points and Honors (HR) courses receive 3 points.  The adjusted grades are then used in the class rank. 


Tennessee State Grading Scale


A = 93 – 100                                                   D = 70 - 74

B = 85 - 92                                                      F = 0 - 69

C = 75 – 84

W—withdrawn, no GPA implication

P—Pass, credit awarded, no GPA implication


The Transcript

Lookout Valley is a comprehensive high school offering a traditional schedule with seven classes per day.  Half credits are awarded for successful completion of work per semester.

All academic courses are college preparatory.  Within the core academic areas of English, math, science and social studies, ambitious students may elect to pursue a more intense curriculum through Honors, and/or DEP. 

Courses offered for Honors credit include:

Honors English 9, Honors English 10, Honors Biology, Honors World History, Spanish 3, Spanish 4, Honors Calculus,

Courses offered through Chattanooga State Community College for Dual Enrollment Credit i.e. English Composition I, English Composition II,  General Psychology, and Intro to Sociology, Statistics, College Algebra, and other college courses if the student meets the prerequisites or can test into upper levels i.e. College Level Spanish, College Level Intermediate Spanish, and College Level Pre Calculus I & II,

Credit is given for County and State approved high school -level eighth grade classes.  These classes are included in the cumulative GPA.

                  2013                 19.5                   18.7             

                   2014                 19.8                   17.9

                   2015                 19.8                   18.6                                  

                   2016                 19.9                   18.8

                   2017                 20.1                   21.2

State-wide ACT testing of juniors began Spring 2010