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Safe and Supportive Schools
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Wednesday, November 06, 2013
Improving School Conditions!

Our school district is working with the Tennessee Department of Education to improve conditions for learning in our schools.  Our school has qualified to participate in the ‘Safe and Supportive Schools’ survey that will be administered to all middle school students during the week of November 11 –November 15, 2013.  Students will take the anonymous fifteen minute survey online.

 This important survey will monitor student perceptions of their school environment, as well as document needs and improvements in the school environment.  The hope is that this survey will become a valuable tool for improving school climate. 

 As a reminder, the student survey is anonymous.  If you would prefer your student not participate in the survey please contact Julie Tumey by email at TUMEY_JULIE@HCDE.ORG, or call the office at (423) 825-7352.

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