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2017-2018 School Dress Code
Posted On:
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Parents and Students:

Please check  the forms library for the 2017-2018 School Dress Code, which can be downloaded and printed.  If you have any questions, please contact the school for more information.


Lookout Valley Middle/High School

Student Dress Code 2017 - 2018


1.     No obscene, inappropriate, or suggestive writing, symbols, designs, or pictures are allowed on any items worn or brought to school.   Nothing displaying or advertising tobacco, alcohol, or drugs is allowed on any item worn or brought to school.

2.           Shirts: can be polo/golf style, button down, or T-shirts.  All shirts must have
  No sheer or see-through shirts may be worn without an additional dress code shirt worn underneath.  Sweaters, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and hoodies are allowed.  Midsections, chests, and shoulders must be covered – no “cleavage” showing.  Clothes with holes/tears may not be worn.

3.           Pants: "Sagging" will not be permitted. Pants are not to have holes, tears, or frayed/distressed finish even if there is cloth behind the open area.  Shorts may be worn, but must be knee length (no athletic shorts).   No yoga pants, sweat suits, wind suits, running suits, or athletic shorts may be worn.  Pants should not be tight fitting.   

4.     Shorts, skirts, and dresses may be worn but must be knee-length or longer.
Dresses must have sleeves or be worn with an appropriate sweater or jacket over them.  The sweater or jacket must consistently cover the upper body appropriately.  Leggings, “jeggings,” or tights must be worn with knee length garments.

5.           No flip-flops or house shoes may be worn.  Sandals may be worn only if they have a heel strap fastened securely around the heel.

6.           Hats, bandanas, caps, head wraps, sweatbands, sun visors, and
sunglasses are not to be worn in the school building and should be kept
in the student's locker.  

7.           All clothing and attire is subject to administration/faculty approval.

Examples of clothing that do not adhere to dress code:


* Clothing that is too tight – especially pants   * Skirts that are too short

* Low cut tops  * Sheer clothing  * Sandals with no back strap – i.e. “sliders”

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