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Inclement Weather Early Dismissal Procedures

Inclement Weather

Early Dismissal Procedures


Please follow the dismissal procedures below in order to…

* Dismiss students, faculty, and staff safely in a timely manner

* Limit confusion and congestion in the loading zones


1.     Students riding buses will dismiss and load in the front of the building as always.

2.    Students walking home will be dismissed at school dismissal time.

3.    Students driving cars will be dismissed early to drive home if the emergency dismissal form is on file in the office.  They are to sign out in the principal's office with all students authorized to ride with them

4.    Students picked up in cars will be picked up at the back of the school by the library entrance.  Cars are to loop around the back parking lot until their student(s) loads-then exit the campus.  Cars will NOT enter the front circular drive, but should proceed to the left side of the school to pick up students at the library entrance.


Please be aware that these are our current plans for inclement weather dismissal.  However, a change in the type of weather or the severity of the weather may necessitate a change in plans.